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Fantastic Four.


Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four: a Successful Science Experiment
By Adam Blasucci 8/7/2015
Fantastic Four was a great film. It’s fun and scary. More like a science-fiction/horror film.
Michael B. Jordan was not an issue for me being The Human Torch. Skin color does not matter only the quality of the actor. I actually liked the new angle about him and Susan being half sibling. All of the actors had great chemistry.
Also the story elements from The Ultimate Fantastic Four with inter-dimensional travel updates the story nicely and inkjets reality to the out there atomic age/space race shorelines of the original comic books. The dark tone of the story gave it that modern edge the story really need. All these elements together really do make you believe this could really happen. And they still throw in references here in there. Like the flying car/The Fantastic Car reference by Reed’s teacher.
The special effects were first rate. Jamie Bell voice and attitude brings the Thing to life. CGI was better than practical makeup of approach of the original to Fantastic Four films. Making the characters younger made the characters more accessible to the audience. I would really love a sequel that explores me more about The Thing. And if they would bring back Dr. Doom and maybe add The Mole Man and subterranean and maybe Galactus and The Silver Surfer. I don’t think they should have a crossover with the X-Men. Both universes are too different and similar. In my opinion having no or low expectation really helped this film immensely.
I was pleasantly surprised with this successful science experiment of film. Making a film is not an easy thing there are always complications making a movie. So don’t read into that media/bad PR that this film had problems with its production and its director. And geeks should not get so angry until I see the finished product. Josh Trank did a good job.

BREAKING NEWS: Stan Lee reported in the hospital. Eye Cancer and .. reports are sketchy at this point.

BREAKING NEWS: Stan Lee reported in the hospital. Eye Cancer and .. reports are sketchy at this point..

4/18/2015 by Adam Blasucci
The first trailer Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere online three days earlier than planned Monday April 20 IMAX screen. Because it was leaked unofficially online yesterday. A lot of people are complaining about Batman and Superman fighting. But isn’t really an issue in my opinion. Since the late 80’s Batman and Superman have had a love and hate relationship. I think it’s appropriate for our times of mistrusts of the government and fears of terrorism in the post-9/11 atmosphere.

4/16/2015 by Adam Blasucci
I just finished watching Star Wars: Episode 7: The Force Awakens
fourth time. It brought sharers to my spine. It looks awesome everything is Star Wars movie should have.
Exciting scene, epic images, new characters and returning characters. Every time I get a glimpse by get more excited.
I felt the same way back in November when the first teaser trailer droped. It looks like Luke Skywalker may have a daughter who is a future Jedi Knight.

Monday, April 20 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer is released. Finally!

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith.


My opinion about The Avengers marathon movie theaters beginning at 6 P. M. April 29-showing all 11 Marvel movies back to back. I would suggest they should skip Iron Man 3 because it was the weakest installment of The Iron Man series and it’s not very important to see it with all the other Marvel movies. Even though Guardians Of the Galaxy was one of the greatest Marvel films yet I do not think it is important to see it before Avengers: Age of Ultron. I would stay home and watch all the films together. What I’m going to do is watch Avengers and Capt. America: The Winter Soldier for the sake of time before such a busy geek with so many comic books, superhero TV shows, Horror TV shows and movies to occupy my time. Especially you save money. Thank you for your consideration.