Godzilla Is Still The King Of The Monsters!
By Adam Blasucci

Sorry Spidey fans but Godzilla in my opinion kicked The Amazing Spiderman 2 butt.
It’s the more satisfying cinematic experience story and character wise.
You really felt for Brian Cranston when he lost his wife. You also feel his young son grief of losing his mother.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson was believable as a soldier, father and husband. You feel his rage against his father endless quest to find the answers to what truly cause Japanese power plant accident that killed his wife. Then when his son Ford realizes that his father
was correct that it was a cover up classed by a “MUTOs” (massive unidentified terrestrial organism) like a giant radiation sucking parasite. After all this transpires we don’t really see Godzilla for about an hour. But that’s all right the opening credit sequence we get a brief history and glance of the King of Monsters. This held the audience over until his grand entrance. On top of this thrilling, scary and entertaining slugfest may get a small message about the environment and defendants on nuclear power. Showing that man arrogantly believes they have control over nature while it’s really the other way around. And you see the consequences of man trying to shift the balance of nature to his side.
And our big scaly friend and bring back balance to nature. I enjoyed seeing Godzilla characterized as terrifying a natural disaster and a benevolent earthly guardian equally.
After all the seriousness and emotional character stuff we get a lot of epic monster mashes sometimes between two or three humongous radioactive combatants. You start to cheer on the gigantic atomic thunder lizard. And when I finally saw his famous atomic breath unleashed on his opponent my inner child came out and my lizard brain engaged in Berserker delight.
It truly was a monster size-wrestling match to watch.
There will be a number of great movies this summer Godzilla is a big start in my opinion.
One side note being a fanboy particularly a Star Wars fan knowing that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are married in Godzilla and also knowing that they’ll be in Avengers: The Age of Ultron of brother and sister made me think of Luke and Leia’s kiss. But those thoughts disappear in this film.

Godzilla had the best opening day of 2014. Earning about $38.5 million.


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