(Danny’s Birthday 6-8-2018)

(Danny’s Birthday 6-8-2018)(Danny’s Birthday 6-8-2018)Dear Danny, Thank you for your great birthday wish by sending a bright red cardinal to make sure I had a great birthday. Because I had a different nurse who is okay which I thought would make my birthday so so.

I’ve been thinking about you Danny your made sure we had a great time at Jaws In Concert.You make sure the rain didn’t come until the end of the show, and you made sure we stayed dry getting back to the van. You also made sure the drive home was safe, and we didn’t get wet getting back into the house. Thank you Bro always looking out for me and mom and dad. You always make sure we have a good time where every go, making sure we always have sunshine for nice weather or keep the rain away from us.Today in honor of your birthday I wore my Robin 1966 T-shirt. You really are my Robin like I always say. I’m sure you were laughing at me yesterday because I fell asleep several times watching TV and eating lunch. I bet you laughed at me and Rachel being attacked by bugs outside today. It was horrible. But thinking about you laughing makes me happy on your birthday. Happy Birthday Brother I miss you. Love you, Adam

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