May The 4th Be With You Forever!
Happy Free Comic Book Day 2018 and Cinco De Mayo This Saturday.

Got my Solo tickets!
I also watch three Star Wars movies on TBS. I had a great Star Wars Day.

Last weekend I went to the Greater Philadelphia ComicCon. I met the man behind Boba Fett’s helmet and he
signed my miniature Boba Fett helmet and we posed for a photograph. Then I met Luke Cage and he signed my Luke Cage Blu-ray and then we posed like too imposing Greek Gods. And then I walked around the con floor with my dad and my friend Derek. My dad was the photographer and we caught a lot of cosplayers on film. I met a lot of interesting people. I bought comics, Vinyl Pops and two Lego mini figures. I had a great time.



Going to see Avengers: Infinity War for the second time. Great movie.
THANOS is a bad mother of a villain. He has a little humanity and he even cried what a man.
He is definitely like Trump using the infinity gauntlet to make the galaxy great again.
The film is a combination of Jim Starling’s Thanos Quest, The Infinity Gauntlet and The Infinity War.
The Storyline of the movie is somewhat true to the source material. The situations are similar and some of the characters included are the same and some did not appear in the comics because Marvel does not have the rights for the characters Fox still owns like The Fantastic Four, The X-Men and the Silver Surfer. Also some characters where little to out there and too confusing for mainstream audiences to understand.
Some people may think so characters were under utilized, but actually in my opinion everything you could want her the story was included in the movie. The film truly was very emotionally taxing to the hero and the audience.
The stakes are so high in this movie you actually feel the pressure the heroes feel. This is the darkness Marvel movie yet. This is definitely the Empire Strikes Back of Marvel movies even more so than Capt. America: Civil War. I will add a little more review later.

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