(6/7/2017)Happy 37 birthday Danny. I wish you. Well, everybody does. Today I was thinking about the times when we were on vacation and it was time to go to bed. You would turn over and tried to tackle me, which would last for an hour or so. I wouldn’t get my full eight hours of sleep when we shared a bed together on vacation. I also remember the times you would try to scratch or spit on me on long trips to New York or Florida. You really like to have fun and tease me, what are brothers for? You definitely made sure everyone around you had a great time all the time. And now you’re always making sure I have a great time wherever I go. You make sure the weather is good. You also give us a great parking spot at the movies or the mall. And you’re always sending around your bird to Rachel and us. Thank you Danny my Robin. Happy Birthday Danny!! Love, Adam