Kevin Smith

Hi Kevin, I’m a huge fan of your work. You and your work and inspire me.
You’re directed so many movies. I wrote and directed my own film. I won the best short film at the Hoboken international film Festival. And I also received $500 fishing grant from The Long Island Film and Television Film Festival.

You inspire me with your use of humor, love of Star Wars, comic books in your film. You’re never afraid to poke fun at yourself. I respect that very much being disabled and feeling different from other people like you have in your life. That’s the special ingredient in all of your films no matter how silly or out there they are you still put in a personal message about yourself like being true to yourself, growing up, religion and other human relationships and issues. All of these issues are also universal and personal to your fans.

I’ve also gone to two of your Q&A in Philadelphia. But my dream would be to meet you and be an extra in Clerks 3 or Mallrats 2 with my friend/nurse. I’m not writing this for you to feel to feel sorry for me but to know what your work means my life. Always except yourself, stay true to yourself, love life and be passionate about things that’s what I learn from all your work.

Renting Mallrats in the late 90s from Blockbuster along with Army of Darkness during a weeklong stomach flu truly was a gateway drug to your work and a great way to get better.
I met Jason at your Red State Q&A in Philadelphia, I also met Brian and Joey at my local horror movie/sci-fi convention. And all three have signed my zombie Jay and Silent Bob T-shirt it would be an honor to have your John Hancock also on it.

Your number one fan,


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