10 Horror Films to Watch in April

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April is a busy month: April Fool’s Day, Easter, Passover, Spring Break, Spring itself. What better way to celebrate then with ten themed horror films?

1. April Fool’s Day (1986)

April Fool's Day (Fred Walton, 1986)

Start off your month with this 80’s slasher classic about a bunch of college kids on a remote island who get picked off one by one. The ending is especially awesome.

2. Night of the Lepus (1972)


April has Easter and Easter is all about bunnies so if you’re into campy silly B-movies check out this one about giant mutant rabbits that attack the southwestern US.

3. Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! (2006)


This is a lesser-known horror film about a homicidal man dressed as a giant bunny who goes after a young boy’s tormentors. Not an award winner but definitely Easter Bunny-themed.

4. Atrocious (2010)


Atrocious is a film about siblings who, over Easter week, explore their vacation home and discover…

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