The Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer Is Awesome.

It appeared that Harry Osborn is The Green Goblin or just Goblin.

The Rhino is a robotic power suit. Seeing Elector in his full electrifying glory was electrifying. Parts

And if you look really closely you see a harnes with Doctor Octopus’ robotic arms and Vulture wings on a harnes

inside a OsoCorp. research lab. I’ve heard mentioned of the Sinister Six in the future movies. And if you pay close attention you see you see six observation doors. All the observation doors are numbered one through six. And now seeing Spiderman in his classic costume swinging through New York was like a living comic book panel. Now one thing in the future I would love to see The Hob Goblin incorporated into future films.

There are hints that The Shocker and possibly the Spider Slayer or spider slayers mentioned on The Amazing Spiderman 2 tumbler site The Daily Bugle may pop up in the future.


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