Your Guide the New X-Men in ‘Days of Future Past’

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We’ve already taken a look at the X-Men we’re happy to not see in the upcoming timeline mash-up that is Days of Future Past. It’s time to find out who is going to be joining the extensive and stellar cast! Overall we’ve got a pretty solid line-up.


Bishop Days of Future Past

Played by Omar Sy

Sometimes the X-Men have found themselves caught up in adventures that carry them through time. Usually the first Tuesday of every month. One of these jaunts introduced the character of Bishop, who comes from a point decades in the future. In his time the world had endured control by the Sentinels, leading humans and mutants to join forces against their robot overlords. Bishop wears the distinctive ‘M’ tattooed over his eye to indicate his status as a mutant, and he wears the uniform of the XSE – a law enforcement agency made up of mutants who pay tribute to…

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