The 70’s Grooviest Scream Queens

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Once the 70’s rolled around, the horror genre took a severe 180. Gone were the days of the classic Universal monsters, gone were the science fiction panic films, and gone were the classy and pristine thrillers that we have been used to seeing. Ever since the Vietnam War populated people’s television sets with graphic depictions of death, cinema had undergone a transformation to a grittier form of storytelling. No genre spoke louder volumes in this new direction more so than the horror genre. Instead of focusing on the supernatural, the focus moved to real life horrors in human beings or the supernatural got a kick into some seriously terrifying and disturbed territory. Along the way, the classic ladies in the genre have also begun to change moving from the screaming and hands held to face poses of yesteryear to a more realistic, grittier, and stronger depiction of the scream queen…

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