Beware of Zombies!!

By Adam Blasucci July 23, 2010


Just saw Rob Zombie last night in Canada New Jersey! I’ve seen in three times previously and the show getting bigger and better.

Show is a cross between Iron Maiden when their mascot Evil Eddie comes out during the show and the showmanship and spectacle of an Alice Cooper concert.

A Zombie show always has old horror film clips, feathers and glitter falling from the ceiling, giant pyrotechnics that you can feel from your

seats and finally appearances by giant robots, ghosts and drumming robot.

Which is everything a Zombie Head like me needs to be satisfied. Last night everybody including me and my guests are truly waiting for The Mayhem Festival!

I enjoy seeing Five Finger Death Punch.  The lead singer is very guttural, but every once in a while there are melodies in their mantle tunes.

The highlight of their set was their cover of “Bad Company” which the whole audience sing-along with.

All kinds of tattooed freaks, metalheads, headbangers, biker dudes and their old ladies, hot girls, muscle-bound guys and people just hot as hell literally.

It was real hot yesterday, but I stayed cool as best I could.

Rob had such a great set, but I had such a great time I can’t remember entire set list.

Most of his hits were well represented (Living Dead Girl, More Human Than the Human etc.) he even belted out

Cooper’s “Schools ” which left me and most of the audience covered in feathers or cotton sending from the roof and

then most of the first few aisles of audience numbers were covered in glitter. Long story short my mom had to use the vacuum cleaner on my electric wheelchair clothes and hair.

The bad news of the night we had trouble parking but that was taken care of, and we have helped parking from tailgaters.

More bad news: somebody try to rob one of my nurses/friend by a junkie couple pretending to help me get into my van and seeing God bless you, keep your chin up

like I really need to hear that I really know that stuff. It was all a distraction. They kicked my friend’s purse behind the van, which my other friend noticed.

They came back again looking to pick up the purse, but we realize what really happened and my friend’s son got out and confronted them.

After a few minutes of his angry confrontation with the loser junkies we got him inside the van. We were sick no one got hurt and my friend found her purse.

Long story short like one of Rob they were truly “Scum Of The Earth”. The female accomplice appeared like a zombie from a zombie film tall, slender and ghastly looking. It felt like a zombie movie when the junkie couple kept coming closer and closer to me and my friends. It was surreal not scary for me.

Strange coincidence I’m not sure. Don’t worry they’ll get their’s like they say karma is a bitch, they’ll probably get arrested pulling that stunt again.

Thank you for listening, thank you Rob Zombie for another great horror spectacular.

The Rob Zombie concert was awesome.  I came into the audience and he was an inch away from I we made eye contact.  This was the third time I’ve seen him in concert each concert is better each time.




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