It’s time to say goodbye to Merle. He finally redeemed himself.

So grab your 40s and start pouring and play some Motorhead in Merle’s memory.

He will sorely be missed especially by Daryl. Merle was truly a Badass of all Badass’s.

Now it’s up to Daryl, Rick, Michonne and Carl to pick up the mantle of total Badass.

Merle’s death was truly a shocking moment that made me yell at the TV twice; first when the Gov.

Shot him and cut to black and I yelled no. Then when I see the close-up of Merle’s

zombified eyes and then the camera pulls away and shows Merle’s mouth covered in blood

and intrails making me yell no again. Watching Daryl’s reaction was very emotional.

When you’re the scenes you really feel for Daryl and you’re experiencing everything

he is the same time.

I really hope The Governor finally gets his just desserts for all the terrible things he has done

especially for letting Merle get zombified. There goes another season of one of the greatest

shows on TV not just a great zombie show. It really is like a movie every week.

It was a great third season, but season four will top season three.

Every season and every episode is better than last.

Today I saw G.I. Joe: Retaliation. It’s definitely a testosterone filled nostalgic walk down memory lane.

The film takes place after the original. It has everything a kid in the 80s could ask for; playing Army,

good guys versus bad guys, a worldwide terrorist organization named Cobra, guns and explosions

and of course ninjas. Of course everythings better with ninjas!

PS They are action figures not dolls!


Next Friday finally the new Evil Dead film is released! Which is one of my favorite

horror movies. It introduced the world to the to the truly twisted and terrifying genius of Sam Raimi.

it also introduces us to one of the most hilarious and entertaining cult film/mainstream actors with a killer chain

Bruce Campbell. The trailers for this reboot truly looks horrifying, bloody and over-the-top gory

everything you could hope for in a Evil Dead film. Everything you see in the trailer looks familiar

with a with a new and unique take. I find myself quoting the newest TV spot…

“We’re Going To Get You… Time To Go To To Sleep… Not Another Peep!

This film along with Rob Zombie’s The Lords Of Salem looked like two of the greatest horror films

of 2013. Every once in a while there is a horror film dry spell and every once in a while there will be

bloody downpour or even bloody tsunami.


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