I went to Monster Mania 25. It Was the 10th Anniversary

of Monster Mania the Horror Convention.

I’ve attended almost every show since the beginning.

The Rob Zombie Films Q&A and The Walking Dead Q&A was awesome.

It was one the biggest Q&As I’ve ever seen. Let’s see Herschel, Sophia, Penny,

Oscar, T.Dog, Axel, Daryl’s brother Merle and Michonne.

There are excellent speakers. Then I met The Misfits they sign everything for free!

So I met Alice Cooper and The Misfits so all I have to do is meet Rob Zombie

then I’ll have met the whole Unholy Three of shock rock!

I also met Peter Mayhew he played Chewbacca in Star Wars.

And finally Tyler Mane and play Michael Myers signed my autographed

Rob Zombie’s Halloween CD.

Lou Temple Axl from The Walking Dead and stoped me so we could take a picture!

I’m really happy J. J. Abrams is directing Star Wars: Episode 7.

He is the best choice because he is a fellow fan of Star Wars.

Then there is enough room for him to be involved with Star Wars and Star Trek.

I’m very excited that there is a possible Boba Fett spinoff along with a planned Hans Solo

and Yoda spinoff film in the works. I’m glad Disney bought Lucasfilm in the Star Wars franchise.

Their planning to release a Star Wars film every three years along with spinoffs starring in 2015.


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