Well it’s December 23, 2012 and we are still here.

No Zombie Apocalypse, no Leviathans, terrifying Dragon or Rapture.

I guess someone had 12 crystal skulls. I only had 2 crystal skull vodka bottles.

The Mayans believed 12 crystal skulls was the only thing that could stop the Apocalypse.

Whatever happened we are still here.

I can tell you how it happened it was the winter solstice and Christmas around the corner.

With that thought I wish all my friends, family, freaks, geeks and zombies.

A Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Freaky New Year!

Christmas and the Apocalypse are coming!

By Adam Blasucci 12/10/12

It seems now Christmas is after Halloween if you ask Madison Ave.,

but for me it doesn’t start until I see Spiderman balloon and Santa Claus’ appearance

on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then it’s officially Christmas!

So let the silly Christmas commercials, specials and Christmas music

invade our world like a zombie apocalypse.

Two things about the end of the world.

Two days later it’s Christmas.

And whatever happens will happen.

The Mayans didn’t know the calendar

would keep going. I think their downfall was

was being discovered by the Spanish,

too many human sacrifices Temple of Doom Style

and playing soccer with human skulls.

Made them think the Apocalypse would come

December 21, 2012.


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