Frankenweenie lives again!

Frankenweenie lives again!

Directed by: Tim Burton

With the Voices of: Martin Short , Catherine O’Hara , Martin Landau

and Wynonna Rider


Rated PG

Running Time: 1 hr. and 27 min.

Five Stars Out Of Five*****

by Adam Blasucci 7/11/12


Frankenweenie was a great film. It is very similar to Tim Burton’s original live-action short.

But don’t think you’ve seen everything if you watched the original film.

It’s a spooky, bizarre, funny and moving film with heart, which Tim Burton does best.

If you are a horror film buff like I am their are a lot of homages

to classic horror movies sprinkled throughout the film. I enjoyed the new added material of

reanimated pets running amok in the town to

make the story a full-length movie experience.

I guess you could call this an actual Frankenstein of movie with Tim Burton stitching together

a touching family film, a bizarre comedy and a monster mash with a great cute and lovable dog.

Proving that Burton is a great mad scientist of filmmaker.


This film in my opinion is up there with

Tim Burton classics like Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare before Christmas and Big Fish

some of his most personal films to date.

This film makes you laugh and your eyes water up a little bit

because of the universal experience of loving and losing a favorite pet.

This movie truly is great Halloween fun with warmth and friendly

terrors out of Tim Burton’s imagination.


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