Well today I saw Sinister. It was an interesting movie similar to The Ring.


In the middle of the movie to characters comment about the wrong things


we do in a haunted house/supernatural horror film and lacking good judgment


and logic father’s and parents will show in terrifying situations that jeopardize their families.


In one thing it brings up that whenever I see a haunted house or ghost movie


like the Amityville horror is never bought a house that had a murder in it


it may bring down the value and price of the property but is that worth your family’s life.


And a final thought never look into the supernatural or the unexplained.


It may be interesting to know all the truths to the universe like this supernatural.


But that truly knowing all the answers may cause a nightmare that always seems to bite us in the ass.


Certain questions shouldn’t be answered because it may come back and kill you.


Number one to move into a creepy house where murderers marketing.


Number two always tell the truth to your family about your house.


Number three stay out of range and spooky murder cases.


And number four most important don’t mess around spooky sh*$*#@


because this isn’t an episode of Scooby Doo, but scary real world consequences


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