The Dark Knight Rises has passed E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial for eighth place all time in domestic box office. The Batman sequel moved to $435.4 million after $0.8 million on Friday to top E.T.’s $435.1 million.

In one of the worst box-office weekends in recent memory, The Dark Knight Rises remained among the top 10 in its eighth week of release.


Batman sequel placed ninth with $3.2 million to push its domestic total to $437.8 million. It could pass Shrek 2 ($441.2 million) for seventh place all time by next week.

The Avengers pulled in $0.8 million to push its domestic total to $621.4 million, third all time.

Brett Ratner director of X-Men 3 and rush-hour may direct the Justice League Batman may make his next screen appearance in the DC comics team film to start his new film franchise reboot.

Wachowski siblings of directors of The Matrix and the upcoming sci-fi epic Cloud Atlas may also be in the running to be the directors. Ben Affleck dropped out as director for consideration. Zach Schneider director of The Watchmen and The Man of Steel as another possibility. Another name being mentioned is Mac G. producer of Supernatural. I hope this movie is released in 2015.





is one hell of an incredible individual. He recently fulfilled the wish of five-year-old, Jayden Barber, who was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and wanted to meet Batman. Bale stepped up to the plate and made his wish come true! This is a pretty cool story….

In 2010, Jayden and his parents were informed that he had cancer in his right arm from his elbow to his shoulder. He began chemotherapy treatment which sent the cancer into remission, but during that time Jayden had developed another form of cancer.

This past July doctors told Jayden’s parents that there was nothing more that they could do for him after he put up a brave fight. They estimated that Jayden only had five to six good weeks left before he would be bedridden for his final six months.

The family wanted to make Jayden’s final weeks as amazing as possible, so they started fulfilling Jayden’s wishlist. They got him a puppy and took a family vacation to the beach. Then there was the whole meeting Batman thing, this is where the town of Youngstown, Ohio jumped in to help make this wish happen….

The city of Youngstown, Ohio, Jayden’s home, has been called many things but until you live here, you will never understand the will and determination of this community. Together, more than 30,000 people joined the Facebook movement “Lighting the Bat Signal for Jayden”. The effort was to get Christian Bale, the real Batman , to come and meet Jayden. It was a tall order, but not one tall enough for Youngstown to back down from. Those labeled “Jayden’s Warriors” spread the word to anyone within an earshot and on August 23rd, Jayden got to meet “Batman At a local area middle school football field, Jayden was escorted by his parents while thousands of “Warriors” cheered him on. He got to light the Bat Signal and even got to ride in the Bat Mobile. This was the night of Jayden’s life. Batman , “real” or not and accompanied by many other super heroes, made Jayden’s wish come true.

Bale got the message, but wasn’t able to show up at that event. Instead he flew Jayden and his family out to Los Angeles California on Wednesday and took them to lunch at Disney’s Club 33!

The best part about this news… last week the family learned that Jayden’s test results showed that his cancer was in remission again. Of course the family is cautiously optimistic about this as Jayden’s cancer has gone into remission several times before. But it’s still good to know that he’s ok right now.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jayden and his family. I also just want to thank Christian Bale for being an amazing individual. Reported by


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