Spiderman Is St…

Spiderman Is Still Amazing!

Directed by: Mark Webb

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen,

Sally Field, Rhys Ifans and Denis Leary

Rated PG 13

Running Time: 2 hrs. and 18 min.

Five Stars Out Of Five*****

by Adam Blasucci 7/11/12


The New Amazing Spiderman movie is truly amazing. When I first heard about the idea of re-boating Spiderman I was pretty skeptical.

I am a huge Sam Raimi follower since renting The Army of Darkness on VHS and I’ve watched almost everything he’s done since.

I love his take on Spiderman in his three Spiderman films. They were funny, a little touching and a fun action-packed story. It was hip, modern with a touch of the 60s incarnation of Spidey.

But when this is said and done The Amazing Spiderman took the story in a different direction and gave Peter a more relatable and truthful emotional arc.

He was a teenage boy without a father looking for himself by finding who his father really was. Andrew Garfield really brought a more realistic nature to Peter Parker.

You truly felt for Peter’s plight of being an outsider, orphan and awkward teenage genius with a punkish attitude. Garfield gave Peter Parker a more modern contemporary reality.

This origin story that so many people felt wasn’t necessary really was necessary to reflect that Peter head a missing piece in himself and his life that wasn’t really covered in the previous Spiderman films.

Mixing in all of the ingredients together you get a more relatable, accessible and accurate portrayal of the teenage misfit gifted with extraordinary gifts and responsibility.

Finally getting Spiderman mechanical Web shooter, truly pleased the fanboy’s in the audiences including me.

The Lizard was an interesting misunderstood villain as a human being (Curt Connors), but when he became reptilian he was an evil Mr. Hyde cold and calculating a real lizard.

Thanks to the expertise of Welsh actor Rhys Ifans who gave credibility to Dr. Connors and gravitas and believability to his reptilian side.

All the other cast members a good job in the film including Martin Sheen strong performance, as Uncle Ben.Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy was a strong woman not a damsel in distress, which was a little refresher.

Sally Field’s role as Aunt May a very younger and more modern take to the character that is usually sickly. Dennis Leary rounded out the cast as a fun a no-nonsense authoritative police captain.

This time around most of Spiderman’s swing from web line to web line was achieved practically with stuntmen and some CGI here in there to enhance the effect and to capture some iconic and memorable

poses from the comic books. There was some extended use of CGI, which is almost indistinguishable, mixed with real practical locations. The human eye couldn’t tell really what was real or fabricated on a computer.

The viewer should really never notice the use of CGI the effect should be seamless. That is the definite great use of CGI. The lizard was just as believable as The Lord of the Rings Gollum, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes simians and The Avengers Hulk.

This was Stan Lee’s best cameo yet as a librarian filing books during a colossal match of fisticuffs between Spidey and The Lizard which it is totally oblivious to the description around.

The only complaint what the movie is not incorporating Stan Lee’s immortal line “With great power, comes great responsibility” as it appears in the comics instead of just know today responsibility.


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